YTEP-0020: Removing PlotCollection


Created: March 18, 2014 Author: Matthew Turk



Detailed Description

The PlotCollection object was designed to work with the package HippoDraw, as a means of controlling multiple plots from a single command. This was also focused very strongly on the idea of viewing a single object from multiple angles, and was mostly useful for my research. All other uses largely used it as the only mechanism of creating plots – not because of any particular functionality it has.

With yt 3.0, I propose that we remove the PlotCollection entirely, as its functionality is 100% replaced by the various other objects such as SlicePlot, ProjectionPlot, ProfilePlot and PhasePlot, all of which are more modern and provide greater access to the underlying matplotlib objects.

This change will occur in yt 3.0. Nearly all users have migrated to using SlicePlot and so on, and we are seeing much greater uptake of ProfilePlot and PhasePlot. Because we also anticipate growing our community with this release, and because it will be the time when we can break backwards compatibility, this is the most natural time to remove it.

Backwards Compatibility

Existing scripts that utilize PlotCollection will break, but there will be other yt-3.0 changes that they may suffer from anyway.


I do not think we have the resources to pursue alternate options such as supporting PlotCollection in perpetuity.